HandCut and Cured is owned and operated by Mike Schimanowsky (aka Shim). After almost 20 years working in IT, in 2017, Mike went back to school taking the Olds College Meat Processing program. Two years later, in October of 2019 Okanagan HandCut and Cured opened in Kelowna, BC with a focus on local, whole animal, nose-to-tail, artisan charcuterie production.

Our products are produced with local, ethically raised pork, from right here in the Okanagan Valley. We work directly with local farmers to ensure the highest quality product standards are met, creating the best tasting products.

Our Pork


No GMOs and no animal by-products are fed to our pork. No added hormones and no anti-biotics are utilized in the rearing of our pork.


Raised ethically and pastured on free range farms, we source our pork from local farmers in the Okanagan Valley whenever possible.


We take great pride in following a nose to tail methodology to butchering where nothing goes to waste. Sustainable and ethical pork simply creates a superior product.